PGreenJr_102012I’m Paul Green, Jr.  I am a Doctoral Candidate in Management at Harvard Business School.  My research explores the ways in which relational experiences lead to, or inhibit, important outcomes such as engagement, motivation and performance.  I am deeply interested in the role relationships play in enabling, or restraining, employee growth.  My work illuminates a critical paradox: deep interpersonal relationships at work may increase employees’ motivation to improve, and their receptiveness to difficult-to-hear feedback, but can decrease the likelihood that relational partners provide the developmental insight or feedback that is so critical to enabling growth.

I was formally a Colleague at The Morning Star Company, one of the most innovative organizations in the world, where I co-founded the Self-Management Institute.  My Mission there was to develop and refine superior principles and systems of organizing people.  I achieved that Mission through research and through the development and application of organizational principles and systems.

I teach organizational behavior and leadership to leaders across various contexts.  You can read more about my teaching here.

In addition to my research, I write, speak and advise organizational leaders on how to build superior organizations.  You can learn more about my speaking here, and read more about my research here.



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